Ox Pulls, Dept. 12

Ox Pulls

2016 Drawing Contest Rules

  • Rules as adopted by Connecticut Ox Owners and Drivers Association. No plastic or fiberglass goad sticks will be permitted. Only the proper-sized twisted whip or untaped wooden goad stick, no longer than 48”, no thicker than one half inch at the tip and one inch at the butt end, used with discretion, is acceptable. No face striking is permitted. Any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the class.
  • $20 premium will be paid each team pulling the initial load and not winning any prize money.
  • The Durham Fair expects that all animals will be treated in a humane manner. Any exhibitor, or representative of an exhibitor, who treats any animal in an inhumane manner, or in a manner which appears to be inhumane, will be removed from the fairgrounds. All premiums and awards will be forfeited.
  • Monies donated towards trophies for pulling contests will be announced the day of the Pull.


  • All cattle will be drawn on Friday, starting at 11 AM. All class 6 ft.

Draft Cattle: 2,450 lbs. & under

  • Prizes: 1st: $175   |  2nd: $150  |  3rd: $125  |  4th: $100  |  5th: $80  |  6th: $70  |  7th: $60  |  8th: $50

Draft Cattle: 3,250 lbs. & under
Draft Cattle: 2,850 lbs. & under
Draft Cattle: Over 3,250 lbs.

  • Prizes: 1st: $225   |  2nd: $200  |  3rd: $175  |  4th: $150  |  5th: $130  |  6th: $120  |  7th: $110  |  8th: $100


  • Phil Fisher
  • Bob Coskey
    Asst. Superintendent


  • Bill Leete
  • Ken Twombly