Personal Skills – Crafts & Collections

Welcome to the Durham Fair Crafts & Collections Department. We invite you to stop by and visit the Crafts & Collections building during the Fair to view our many creative exhibits.

The Crafts & Collections Department began its journey as the Hobbies Department and in nearly 100 years has grown to showcase talented craftspeople and artisans creating items in over 70 categories.

From woodworking and pottery to hand painted items, jewelry and weaving, our exhibitors share their talents with us year after year. Many exhibitors are long-time friends of the Fair! Some have exhibited in the Youth Department during their younger years or share their skills by exhibiting in more than one department at the Fair. Every year, new folks find us and bring their enthusiasm and boundless talent to our Fair community. Our department also showcases Collections in 14 categories, featuring a variety of items from pop culture and home goods to toys and antiques. The whimsical, the nostalgic, and the unique all find a place in our department.

Best in Show & Special Awards

Each year, Best in Show rosettes highlighting outstanding craftsmanship and collection displays are awarded. These items are displayed in our "Best of the Best" area, which is always a large attraction for those visiting the building.

2017 Special Category

Each year, the Crafts & Collections Department features a Special Category centered on a different theme. Entries can be from any style craft or a collection, as long as they coordinate with that year's theme. As we near our 100th anniversary, the Crafts & Collections Committee will be celebrating the many decades of the Durham Fair. Items entered in our 2017 special category will celebrate the 1970s and 1980s.

We’ve asked our exhibitors to use their imaginations to come up with creative ways to celebrate the history of the Durham Fair with us! From love beads and macramé to velvet paintings and bedazzled belts, we will be showcasing it all!