Plant Science – Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkin

It’s the Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown! Gaze and be amazed by these scale-tipping, mammoth orange globes. The Durham Fair Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off has measured up more record-breaking pumpkins than anywhere else in the State of Connecticut. 2018’s queen of the patch weighed in at 1,729.5 lbs and 2014’s tipped the scales at 1,532 lbs! Don’t miss this signature showcase of cultivation at its biggest and best!


  • “Queen of the Pumpkin Patch” Competition
  • Offical site of The Durham Fair Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off
  • More record-breaking pumpkins than anywhere in Connecticut
  • Find out how you can grow a giant pumpkin from Team-Pumpkin!

FUN FACT: 2016’s prize winner weighed over 1,300 lbs!

FUN FACT: In 2018 a new North American record was won. Steve Gheddes, from New Hampshire, grew a 2,525 lb pumpkin!