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Christmas Trees

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2019 Entry Instructions

ONLINE ENTRY IS PREFERRED. To be an Exhibitor, click on the Online Entry link and follow the instructions. The alternate way to enter is to print out the offline entry form, fill it out, and mail it in according to the deadline outlined on the form and on the Entry Deadlines and Delivery Schedule page. (Please contact your Department if you are unable to print the entry form.)


  • Exhibitors may enter a total of 3 trees but, not more than 1 tree in each category (1 pine, 1 spruce and 1 fir).
  • Trees not meeting these 5 minimum standards will be disqualified:
    1. No Flocked, sprayed or colored Christmas Trees.
    2. Once all Christmas Trees have been entered, they must not be handled in any way by the exhibitor.
    3. Trees entered for prize money must have a waterproof shipping tag attached to the top of the tree with the name and address of the exhibitor thereon.
    4. Trees entered in competition must be between 6 and 9 ft. in overall length from the tip of the leader to the bottom of the butt, must be fresh and must be of merchantable quality.
    5. Tree handles must be properly trimmed and handles should be 6 - 9”.
  • Exhibits will be numbered for competitions, and names of exhibitors will be displayed only after judging is complete.
  • Judging of Christmas Trees will be on Wed., the day before the Fair.

Standards for Judging Christmas Trees (point deductions)

  1. Taper (10)
  2. Handle (20)
  3. Main Stem (20)
  4. Top (25)
  5. Foliage (50)
  6. Damage (30)
  7. Cleanliness (10)
  8. Other defects (5 each)


  1. Grand Champion: Rosette & $30
  2. Reserve Champion: Rosette & $25
  3. 1st: Blue Ribbon & $65
  4. 2nd: Red Ribbon & $50
  5. 3rd: Yellow Ribbon & $40
  6. 4th: Green Ribbon & $30
  7. 5th: $30
  8. 6th: Rosette Ribbon
  9. People’s Choice: Rosette Ribbon


Class Code & Name  
Christmas Tree Competition      
A Pine      
B Spruce      
C Fir      


  • Diane Jorsey
    1092 Edgewood Rd.
    Kensington, CT 06037
  • Tim Dumas
    Asst. Superintendent


  • Marilyn DeMaria
  • Dirk Hansen
  • Joyce Hansen
  • Warren Herzig
  • Abby Jorsey
  • Dave Jorsey
  • Robin Jorsey
  • Bill & Kathy Kogut
  • Josh Miller
  • Chris Staehly
  • Kevin Staehly