Frequently Asked Questions for Exhibitors

Why do I have to sign in as a new exhibitor every year when I do my entries online?

There are 2 reasons for this. First, by entering as a new exhibitor any new information (e-mail address, phone number, address, etc.) will be automatically updated. Second, if you forgot your password from a previous year you will not be able to retrieve it and you will not be able to re-register under your name.

Do I need to sign in as a new exhibitor every time I go into Online Entries within the same year?

No, if you need to go back into the online entries for any reason you can use the same user name and password that you created in the current year.

What do I do if I enter in the wrong class?

Go back into the online entries. If you see the class you registered in you can delate it and enter in the correct class. If you do not see the incorrect entry it means that the entry was already uploaded to the main database. If that is the case simply register in the correct class.

How can I delete an entry?

Go back into the online entries, if you see the class you registered in you can delate it. If you do not see the entry it means that the entry was already uploaded to the main database. No further action needs to be taken. Your entry will be marked as a No Show during registration.

Why do I need to put in my date of birth?

Entries in several departments within the Durham Fair is based on a specific age range of the exhibitor. It is mainly for those departments that the information is requested.

Who should I contact regarding my entry?

Contact the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of the department in which you are entering for a questions you may have specific to your entry.

What if I am unsure of what I will enter in the Fair?

We ask that you enter ALL items that you are hoping to enter at the Fair. We realize that many items (e.g. flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc.) may not be of the right quality at fair time. Items that are entered and not brought to the fair are simply marked as a No Show and no penalty is incurred.

Can more than one person enter in a single entry?

Each department has specific rules regarding more than one person working on a single entry. Please contact the Superintendent of the department that you wish to enter for the rules.

The class I wish to enter only allows me to enter 1 item and I have 2 I would like to enter. Will I be able to enter both? For example, this year I’ve made 2 Women’s Knit Cardigan sweaters.

Several departments may allow you to enter one in the specific category and another under a Miscellaneous class. Some departments, such as Needlework, have broad classes and may be able to find another category for you to enter your item. The final decision is that of the Superintendent of the department you are entering. You may want to contact the department prior to submitting your entries online.

I’d like to enter something that my late grandmother or another person had made. Can I enter it?

No. All items must be entered by a living person and made by the exhibitor. Each department has their own guidelines on when the item being exhibited was created. For example, in Needlework the article needs to be made within the last 3 years. In Canning, it must be canned between September of the previous year and September of the current year. Please refer to the information provided on the online department’s exhibitor page or contact the Superintendent of the department for further assistance.

What if I cannot drop off my exhibit at the Fair at the designated time?

There is a very short time period between when exhibits are scheduled to be brought to the fairgrounds and when they are judged. Any exception must be approved by the Superintendent of the department prior to the scheduled drop-off time.

What if I missed the deadline for entering?

Contact the Superintendent of the department. They have the authority to either accept or deny your entry.

How do I enter multiple classes within a department?

Some departments have restrictions as to the number of entries for their classes. If there is a restriction you will only be able to enter one entry at a time. If there are no restrictions you may enter several classes at one time. If you are in a department that has restrictions or if you are in a department that does not have restrictions but want to enter several entries within a class after the initial entry select “Add Similar Entries” and you will stay within the same department to choose your additional classes.

I click on the link to bring me to online entries and nothing happens.

Make sure your JavaScript and Cookies are enabled on your computer. The program will automatically check for this information and only allow properly configured browsers to proceed.

When should I pick up my exhibit?

All exhibits must remain on display until the close of the last day of the Fair. Typically exhibits may be picked up after the Fair ends on Sunday at 6 PM. Check the rules for the department you entered under for specific dates and times.

What if I cannot pick up my exhibit at the designated time after the Fair?

Our volunteers will only be available at the times indicated. You may contact the Superintendent of the department to see if any additional times have been added to the schedule. However, the Fair cannot guarantee the return of your exhibit if it is not picked up at the designated time. For those exhibitors who are entitled to a premium check and do not come to pick up their exhibits, their check will be mailed to them. Ribbons will not be mailed with premium checks and can be secured only when exhibits are picked up.

Can someone other than the exhibitor drop off or pick up the entry?

It is best to first check the guidelines on the online exhibitor’s page for the rules regarding dropping off and picking up exhibits for the specific department you are entering. Most departments will allow another party to drop off your exhibit for you. They should bring with them the confirmation you received from your online entry (if applicable). Most departments will give you a yellow copy of your invoice with your entries listed on it. These departments do require you to bring the yellow invoice with you when picking up your exhibit. If another person will be picking up your exhibit, check the department guidelines or make prior arrangements with the department.

Where can I get help registering?

If you nee assistance registering, the Durham Public Library is offering to help by appointment. Additional information is available at

Additional Questions

If you are having trouble with your online entries or have questions about classes and exhibits, contact your department representative.

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