Durham Agricultural Fair Association General Rules for Livestock Exhibitors


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The Durham Agricultural Fair expects that all animals will be treated in a humane manner. Any exhibitor or representative of an exhibitor, who treats any animal in an inhumane manner, or in a manner which appears inhumane, will be removed from the Fairgrounds. All premiums and awards will be forfeited.

Agricultural Entry Policy

  1. Entry Admittance
    1. Only entries postmarked after July 31 and prior to Sept. 1 of the current year will be accepted. Those postmarked before July 31 and after Sept. 1 will be refused. Beef and Dairy cut-off date is Sept. 10
    2. Only entries mailed directly to Durham Fair Association, Attn. Livestock Entries, P.O. Box 225, Durham, CT 06422 will be accepted.
    3. Livestock exhibitors pay entry fees - please see entry forms for details.
    4. Only entries on the current year dated entry blank will be accepted.
    5. Retainer fee is to be included on a separate check from that of the exhibitors passes. Check will be returned upon presentation on Thurs. Poultry & Rabbit—50¢ per head; Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Goats & Swine—$5 per head; Llamas—$20 per head.
    6. Only entries with a signed affidavit, acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to the IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics will be accepted.
    7. A social security number or federal identification number is required for each exhibitor in competition for prize money. No entry will be accepted without that number.
    8. Entries will not be accepted after the Sept. 1 entry deadline, Sept. 10 for dairy and beef, or when the barns are filled.
    9. Livestock exhibitors must include legible copies of their health certificates.
  2. Number of Entries per Livestock Farm Unit - Farm Unit. “Where a herd/flock is registered in the names of different family members of a family residing on one farm and where the herd/flock is one unit,” all entries may be considered as a single
    exhibitor. Youth exhibitors must show evidence of ownership either by registration or certified lease papers.
    1. Dairy and Beef exhibitors: 12 animals per farming unit.
    2. Goat exhibitors: 15 animals per farming unit.
    3. Swine exhibitors: 30 per farming unit (sow & litter equals 1)
    4. Poultry exhibitors: 40 per farming unit.
    5. Rabbit exhibitors: 15 per farming unit.
    6. Llama exhibitors: 6 per farming unit.
    7. Sheep exhibitors: 15 per farming unit.
    Within the farm units stated above, no (beef, dairy, sheep, goat or swine) exhibitor may enter more than 2 entries—per class—per breed.
    *Leased animals for youth will follow 4-H guidelines.
    **Note: Pending availability of pens/space the entry number per farming unit is at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  3. Selection Process of Entries: Selection will be based on (a) breed representation, (b) postmark dates of entries, (c) herdsmanship and sportsmanship, and (d) youths.
  4. Acceptance letter: All entries will be acknowledged by the Superintendent by Sept. 15, with either an acceptance letter or apology letter stating that you have been placed on a waiting list.
  5. Exhibitor Cancellation: If for some reason an exhibitor cannot attend or fulfill allocated pens/space, it is up to the exhibitor to notify the Superintendent, at which point the Superintendent will select from the waiting list. The exhibitor is not to select replacements or change pen/space assignments.

Exhibitor & Vehicle Admission Policy

General Admission: No one, including exhibitors, will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds during the operating hours of the Fair for any reason including the feeding of animals, without a valid admission ticket.

CWL = Camper sticker, must be so noted on entry blank to reserve a space.
(TBD) = White’s Livestock designated area for stock/feed vehicles. This parking area will be closed to vehicle traffic during set periods during the course of a day.
(TBD) = White’s Farm Parking outside the gate but in the lot outside the barn area.

  1. Beef and Dairy exhibitors: (1) one 4 day exhibitors pass per exhibitor. (1) one Feed sticker per Farming Unit. (1) one Parking sticker per farming unit.
  2. Goats, Llama, Sheep and Swine exhibitors: (1) one 4 day exhibitors pass per exhibitor. (1) one Feed sticker per Farming Unit. (1) one Parking sticker per farming unit.
  3. Poultry and Rabbit exhibitors: (1) one Parking sticker per
    farming unit. Tickets will be available for pick-up at time of
    cooping, Thursday before fair. If no animals are entered, tickets will be revoked.
  4. Horse, Ox and Pony Pulling Exhibitors: Parking passes will be mailed to entrants from the prior 2 years. On the day of your respective pull, the following will be allowed free admittance. Oxen - one driver & one chain man, Horse and Pony - one driver and 2 evener tenders will be admitted.

One day and 4-day admission passes may be purchased prior to the Fair on entry blank or during the Fair at the Fair office. All parking stickers must be clearly exhibited.

Junior Show Rules

Junior Exhibitor: A youth under 19 years of age as of the Fri. of the Fair.
The birth date should be so noted on the entry blank/Online Entry.

Beef & Dairy: Juniors may show in both the Open and Junior show.

Goats, Poultry, Swine, Sheep: Open and Juniors compete together but are recognized as two separate shows.

Judging/Premiums: No person will be allowed to interfere with the judging process. The exhibit of any person so interfering will be excluded from competition. Where there is no competition in a class, each exhibit will be judged and placed according to its own merit. Premiums will be paid in accordance with that placement. No exhibitor will pick up another exhibitor’s birds or premiums. The judge’s decision is always final. Failure to fulfill all requirements will result in loss of premiums!

Showmanship Junior Rules

Dairy, Beef, Swine and Goat exhibitors must take part in their respective Fitting and Showmanship class in order to collect Junior premiums. In addition, a Junior must show a Junior animal in order to collect Junior premiums.

Poultry Showmanship: Each exhibitor of Poultry who chooses to participate will select one bird for the showmanship class from their birds being exhibited for poultry judging. Exhibitors will be judged on their ability to show their bird to advantage. Exhibitors will be judged on appearance, skill and knowledge as outlined in CES Poultry Showmanship Bulletin (available on request from Superintendent).

Rabbit Showmanship: If unsure how to show, ask your Superintendent for instructions.

Livestock Premiums

Beef: Angus, Shorthorns, Hereford, Simmental, Cross Breeds, market steers and AOB (All Other Breeds).

Dairy: Recognized breeds of the Purebred Dairy Cattle Assoc. Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Red & White and Milking Shorthorn. Grade animals will be accepted for the Junior Show.

Goats: Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Saanen Toggenburg, Oberhasli, Recorded Grade. No horned animals or intact males will be allowed on the grounds.

Sheep: Any breed with 6 or more entries will show separately. Group classes limited to 1 per class. Any exhibitor entering 4 or more purebred sheep cannot enter grade sheep classes. All other breeds will compete together as 1.

Swine: All recognized breeds will show separately in brooding classes. In feeder, market and showmanship, all breeds and crossbreeds will show together.

Poultry: As listed in the “Standards of Perfection” and recognized Bantams (single specimens only). No production birds in adult family and only 1 production bird in Junior Department.

Rabbits: American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA) sanctioned show and will be governed in accordance with their rules and those of the Durham Agricultural Fair Association. Pets are welcome (limit 2 per family and specify PET division on the entry).

Exhibit Area

Beef, Dairy, Goats, Llamas, Sheep and Swine:

  1. Livestock exhibitors will be required to maintain their respective areas in a clean and orderly condition at all times. Dirty, sick or unruly animals will not be permitted to compete and will be sent home at the Superintendent’s discretion. Failure to comply will result in a clean-up being performed by Fair personnel and cost deducted from premiums.
  2. Each exhibitor shall furnish feed and hay; bedding will be provided.
  3. Each exhibitor shall decorate his or her space to make the barn more appealing and educational.
  4. At the close of the Fair each exhibitor is requested to move their bedding to the center aisle of the barn.
  5. All Goat, Llama, Sheep and Swine exhibitors will take down their own pens before leaving on Sunday.
  6. All animals must be washed before 9 a.m. (hoses must have shutoff nozzles).
  7. All blankets must be removed from animals during Fair hours.
  8. During each respective show, exhibitors are to wear show whites or respectable show attire.
  9. Goats – Each animal should be accompanied with an 18” tie lead.
  10. Goats – Must be owned or leased by June 1 unless kids are born into the herd.
  11. Llamas – Exhibitors should plan on feeding before 8:30 a.m.

Poultry and Rabbit:

  1. For Poultry, a cage deposit of 50 cents per animal will be collected and will be refunded when you bring your animals to the Fair.
  2. Feed, water and bedding will be provided by the Durham Agricultural Fair Association.
  3. Rabbit exhibitors MUST supply 2 heavy or weighted feed and water dishes. No tin cans or light plastic dishes will be accepted.
  4. Poultry exhibitors with turkeys, geese and waterfowl must bring their own water containers.

No animals will be dismissed before 6 p.m. on Sun., the last day of the Fair. Premiums and awards will be forfeited (in total) for the exhibitor who removes any animals before this time. No trailers will be permitted in front of the barns for loading of exhibits.

All exhibitors will be allowed on a rotational basis after 6:45 p.m.