Needlework After the Storm


Entry Guidelines

  1. New padded 38C or larger bra with under-wire must be used as the base of the design.
  2. Please try on the bra and adjust the straps before designing. Do not stitch/glue it closed. This will make it easier for the models to strut your creation down the runway.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing

  1. Please remember to create a bra that will be visually attractive when hung on a padded hanger or modeled. All pieces submitted with the bra will be auctioned/raffled with the bra. No ancillary items can be returned.
  2. Please do not create a “top-heavy” bra that would not display correctly.
  3. Our staff is not able to redesign an Art Bra to make it acceptable for viewing or auctioning. Therefore, please make sure beads and embellishments are attached properly to handle the extra handling.
  4. The front of the bra should be embellished as well as bra straps and the sides of the bra.
  5. The bra may be hand-painted, dyed, pieced with fabric, etc (but for Durham Fair entries they must have some element of sewing in it)
  6. The more embellishments, different techniques and mediums used, the more attractive the Art Bras will be to the purchaser. Please note the value of your submissions.
  7. Since the Art Bras are created to raise funds for After the Storm and to honor those who have experienced breast cancer, the designs must be created with good taste.

Submitting the bra at the Durham Fair

  1. Bras are due during the Needlework Department Take-in Day.
  2. Please include a small nametag with your name, names of all creators, and the name of the bra attached to the inside of the bra. 25-30 designs will be used in the actual auction and runway show due to time constraints. (The winner at the Durham Fair will be guaranteed a spot). The others will be raffled off to lucky winners.
  3. Entries in the 2022 Durham Fair will be used in the Art Bra Runway Show & Action in 2023.

After the Storm Art Bra will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Workmanship: 30 points
    Neat and clean. Bra is covered securely. No loose threads or glue showing. Even stitches where sewn. Every medium used in bra is included in workmanship.
  • Appearance: 35 points
    Visually attractive when worn or hung on a hanger, etc. Does it communicate an idea, feeling, principle or value to others?
  • Creativity: 15 points
  • Accessories: 20 points
    Items not on the Art Bra itself.