Youth, Dept. 26: Groups (Any age combination up to age 17)

Youth Groups

Enter Online

2017 Entry Instructions

ONLINE ENTRY IS REQUIRED. To be an Exhibitor, you must click on the Online Entry link and follow the instructions. Entry deadlines are listed on the Entry Deadlines and Delivery Schedule page.


It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to read all descriptions and instructions carefully.

The Youth Department includes:

Children Division: Exhibitors must be at least 5 years of age as of Sept. 1, but not yet 14 years of age as of Oct. 1. They may enter in classes Y1-Y124. The children must have had a major part in the planning and preparation of their entry. Any project that has had adult supervision should include a brief statement on a 3 x 5” card stating what help was given and what part the child did.

Junior Division: Exhibitors must be at least 14 years of age, but not yet 18 years of age as of Oct. 1. They may enter in classes J130-J208.

Special Needs: We welcome exhibits by special needs youth. They are eligible for all classes. If appropriate, the child’s exhibit can be displayed in a multiclass unit, using the Danish judging system but with no age consideration. All exhibit tickets will be uniform throughout the Department (no notation of special needs). Parent, teacher or adviser, please write special needs on the entry and we can discuss display.

Group: Groups may enter (any age combination). There is also a State Junior Baking Contest (ages 7 – 15).

Other Department Rules

  1. Please remember to enter crafts, veggies, etc. under YOUTH and not under the adult sections. Also, enter using child’s name (NOT ADULT) and date of birth & age.
  2. Only 1 entry per exhibitor per class will be accepted and only those classes listed will be judged. However, the Superintendent reserves the right to expand or delete classes if the need arises.
  3. Exhibits that have previously won a prize at the Durham Fair are not eligible for judging.
  4. Judging for the Department will be on the Danish System (all exhibits judged on their own merits and not in competition with other entries).
  5. All exhibits must remain in place until 7 p.m. on Sun. to be eligible for awards. Exhibits may be removed on Sun. between 7 and 8 p.m. or on Mon. following the Fair between 5 and 7 p.m. Any exhibits not removed by 7 p.m. Mon. will become property of the Fair.


Class Code & Name  
G Groups      

A group entry consists of a single item that 2 or more children worked on OR separate items attached together so it can be moved as a “Single item.” Groups can be a combination of Youth, up to age 17.

NOTE: Size limited to NO LARGER then 4x4’. A ribbon will be awarded but no premium.

Special Group Instructions

  • All Group Entries must enter under the Group Division - Class G.
  • When entering Groups in Youth please follow these procedures.

The name should reflect the group NOT the teacher or parent. Information needs to be put in both the First Name and Last Name areas. How the information is entered will reflect how the name tags on the child’s exhibit will read.


  • First Name = 4th Grade Class / Last Name = Stony Brook Day School
    Tag will read: “4th Grade Class Stony Brook Day School”
  • First Name = Smith / Last Name = Children
    Tag will read: “Smith Children”
  • First Name = Middletown / Last Name = Community Youth Center
    Tag will read: “Middletown Community Youth Center”

Date Of Birth
The date of birth should be put in as January 1st and the year of birth of the oldest child entering.

Address, Phone Number, E-Mail
This information should reflect the main contact person for the school, organization or family entering.

Group Contact
Enter the name of the main contact - teacher, group leader or parent - to contact with any questions or concerns regarding the exhibit.


  • Kathy Ness
  • Patty McDermott,
    Asst. Superintendent
  • Madeline Smith
    Group Superintendent


  • Paula Bidding
  • Aggie Cahill
  • Elaine Diaz
  • Ryan Ford
  • Jennifer Fowler
  • Jan Frank
  • Sandy Goodyear
  • Robin Heath
  • Simone Howe
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Claudia Kehrhahn
  • Patti Kemish
  • Trevor Kemish
  • Brian McDermott
  • Jennie McDermott
  • Patrick McDermott
  • Raymond McDermott
  • Joan Mantle
  • Lisa Moore
  • Ken Ness
  • Donna Nordstrom
  • Melanie Remilland
  • Sue Strang