Youth, Dept. 26: Juniors (Ages 14 – 17)

Youth Juniors

Enter Online

2017 Entry Instructions

ONLINE ENTRY IS REQUIRED. To be an Exhibitor, you must click on the Online Entry link and follow the instructions. Entry deadlines are listed on the Entry Deadlines and Delivery Schedule page.


It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to read all descriptions and instructions carefully.

The Youth Department includes:

Children Division: Exhibitors must be at least 5 years of age as of Sept. 1, but not yet 14 years of age as of Oct. 1. They may enter in classes Y1-Y124. The children must have had a major part in the planning and preparation of their entry. Any project that has had adult supervision should include a brief statement on a 3 x 5” card stating what help was given and what part the child did.

Junior Division: Exhibitors must be at least 14 years of age, but not yet 18 years of age as of Oct. 1. They may enter in classes J130-J208.

Special Needs: We welcome exhibits by special needs youth. They are eligible for all classes. If appropriate, the child’s exhibit can be displayed in a multiclass unit, using the Danish judging system but with no age consideration. All exhibit tickets will be uniform throughout the Department (no notation of special needs). Parent, teacher or adviser, please write special needs on the entry and we can discuss display.

Group: Groups may enter (any age combination). There is also a State Junior Baking Contest (ages 7 – 15).

Other Department Rules

  1. Please remember to enter crafts, veggies, etc. under YOUTH and not under the adult sections. Also, enter using child’s name (NOT ADULT) and date of birth & age.
  2. Only 1 entry per exhibitor per class will be accepted and only those classes listed will be judged. However, the Superintendent reserves the right to expand or delete classes if the need arises.
  3. Exhibits that have previously won a prize at the Durham Fair are not eligible for judging.
  4. Judging for the Department will be on the Danish System (all exhibits judged on their own merits and not in competition with other entries).
  5. All exhibits must remain in place until 7 p.m. on Sun. to be eligible for awards. Exhibits may be removed on Sun. between 7 and 8 p.m. or on Mon. following the Fair between 5 and 7 p.m. Any exhibits not removed by 7 p.m. Mon. will become property of the Fair.


Class Code & Name $ Prize Amount
Drop-Off: Tuesday before the Fair, 12:30 – 7 p.m.
Enter exhibits on paper plates. Vegetables should be of uniform size, shape, and color, and be of good market quality. Please specify variety of specimens (exception: J135). For more information, please turn to Dept. 19 under “Judging Pointers for Vegetables.” Gourds are not vegetables; do not mix into vegetable baskets.
1st 2nd 3rd
J124 Sweet corn, edible half husk (2 ears) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J125 Largest tomato, any variety 1.50 1.25 1.00
J126 Celery, 1 type in pot, watered 1.50 1.25 1.00
J127 Any green, leafy, potted chard, lettuce, beet greens, thoroughy watered 1.50 1.25 1.00
J128 Eggs, 6 chicken or duck, fresh 1.50 1.25 1.00
J129 Garlic (3 bulbs) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J130 Carrots (4 specimens) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J131 Cucumbers (2 specimens) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J132 Peppers (3 specimens) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J133 Tomatoes (4 specimens) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J134 Any other vegetable (1 specimen if over 5” in diameter, 2 specimens if smaller) 1.50 1.25 1.00
Drop-Off: Tuesday before the Fair, 12:30 – 7 p.m.
The quality of flowers and artistic design will be judged. Do not use plants on conservation list.
1st 2nd 3rd
J135 Vase of zinnias, any type (3 specimens) 1.50 1.25 1.00
J136 Vase of wild flowers 1.50 1.25 1.00
J137 Dahlias - 3 1.50 1.25 1.00
J138 Fresh flower arrangement, purple theme  1.50 1.25 1.00
J139 Fairy garden - container not to exceed 24” wide 2.50 2.00 1.75
Drop-Off: Tuesday before the Fair, 12:30 – 7 p.m.
1st 2nd 3rd
J140 Quick bread (any kind) 3.00 2.75 2.25
J141 Pie—9." Any variety (1 crust or 2 crust) (no refrigeration) 3.00 2.75 2.25
J142 Any cake (any flavor, layer or solid) 3.00 2.75 2.25
J143 Non-yeast coffee cake 3.00 2.75 2.25
J144 Cinnamon monkey bread 3.00 2.75 2.25
J145 Any cookie (drop, no bake, bar)   3.00 2.75 2.25
J146A Decorated cake. Decorating ONLY will be judged. Optional Decorator’s Icing—1 C. Crisco, 3-4 TBS cold water, 1—1 lb. box sifted powdered sugar, 1/4 tsp. salt (optional) 1/2 tsp. flavoring (optional). Beat until incorporated. Salt and flavoring may be omitted as taste will not be judged. This should keep the bee situation under control. Finished entry not to exceed 9 x 13” or be larger than a standard character pan. No larger than 12” in height. Cakes must be on a suitable board 2” to 3” larger than your cake, not to exceed 12 x 15” (NO CARDBOARD). 3.00 2.75 2.25
J146B Decorated cake using fondant. Finished entry not to exceed 9 x 13” or be larger than a standard character pan, No larger than 12” in height. Cakes must be on a suitable board 2” to 3” larger than your cake, not to exceed 12 x 15” (NO CARDBOARD). 3.00 2.75 2.25
J147 Special project: rock candy crystals  3.00 2.75 2.25
Ingredients: 1 cup water / 2 cups sugar / white cotton twine
Bring water to boil in saucepan. Slowly add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Carefully pour into a heatproof jar. Tie the end of a piece of twine around a pencil and a paper clip to the other end. Dangle string in jar (paper clip will weigh it down). Crystals will form along the string. Do not disturb the jar except to carefully break the crust that forms on top of the syrup (this allows evaporation to continue). The less the solution is disturbed, the better the crystals will form. It will take at least a week for the crystals to form. High humidity may delay formation of crystals. You may add food coloring if you wish for different colors. When all crystals are formed, remove from jar, snip string from pencil and let dry in open air for 24 hours. Present 1 string of crystals on a paper plate for judging.
J148 Any candy (4 pieces)  3.00 2.75 2.25
J149 Cupcakes (4 on a plate) 3.00 2.75 2.25
Drop-Off: Tuesday before the Fair, 12:30 – 7 p.m.
  1. Only sealed standard canning jars accepted. If possible, use small jars for most entries.
  2. For maple syrup use pint size jars.
  3. Exhibits should be clean and canning rings rust free.
  4. Do not wax seal.
  5. Label contents on SIDE of the jar (not on top).
  6. Do NOT put exhibitor’s name on the label.
  7. One jar per class.
1st 2nd 3rd
J150 Applesauce 2.00 1.75 1.25
J151 Tomatoes 2.00 1.75 1.25
J152 Bread & butter pickles 2.00 1.75 1.25
J153 Dill pickles 2.00 1.75 1.25
J154 Any other canning 2.00 1.75 1.25
J155 Any jam or jelly 2.00 1.75 1.25
J156 Maple syrup 2.00 1.75 1.25
Canning collection: Collections should be decoratively displayed (entries in uniform containers, all the same size). Collection will be judged on variety, uniformity and display. Jars will not be opened. Decorated baskets and jars are encouraged.
J157A Jellies – collections, 3 varieties 2.00 1.75 1.25
J157B Jams – collections, 3 varieties 2.00 1.75 1.25
J157C Pickles – collections, 3 varieties 2.00 1.75 1.25
J158A Chili sauce 2.00 1.75 1.25
J158B BBQ sauce 2.00 1.75 1.25
J158C Any other sauce 2.00 1.75 1.25
J159A Mild salsa 2.00 1.75 1.25
J159B Medium salsa 2.00 1.75 1.25
J159C Hot salsa 2.00 1.75 1.25
Junior—Hobbies and Crafts
Drop-Off: Saturday before the Fair, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
1st 2nd 3rd
Sewing: Article must be cleaned and pressed. Please supply hangers where needed.
J160 Any sewn article of clothing such as blouse, skirt, slacks, etc. 2.00 1.75 1.25
J161 Ensemble/costume (min. 2 pieces) 2.00 1.75 1.25
J162 Any sewn pillow 2.00 1.75 1.25
J163 Sewn doll or toy 2.00 1.75 1.25
J164 Appliquéd article  2.00 1.75 1.25
J165 Quilted article 2.00 1.75 1.25
Needlework: Article must be cleaned and pressed. Please supply hangers where needed.
J170 Cross-stitch wall hanging: Counted or stamped, 5 x 7” MIN. SIZE OF WORKED AREA. 3.00 2.50 2.00
J171 Any other cross-stitch: Counted or stamped. 3.00 2.50 2.00
J172 Any embroidery: Any article other than counted or stamped cross-stitch. 3.00 2.50 2.00
J173 Crocheted article 3.00 2.50 2.00
J174 Knitted article 3.00 2.50 2.00
J175 Latch hooked rug: Not larger than 3 x 6’ 3.00 2.50 2.00
J176 Any other, needlework or sewing 3.00 2.50 2.00
Junior—Arts and Crafts
Drop-Off: Saturday before the Fair, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Please note: Published comic and cartoon characters are protected by copyright laws and cannot be accepted. No kits accepted. All painting and drawings must be Junior’s own work. They must be framed or matted and be ready to hang. Entries will not be accepted with any kind of taping (including duct tape). Size not to exceed 24 x 30.”
1st 2nd 3rd
In classes J180 – J185 all entries will be judged and grouped in the following ways:
a) Art-work original work of the exhibitor. No prints will be accepted.
b) Art that was copied from another source by the exhibitor. Please indicate on your entry form which group your exhibit should be in (example: J180a or J180b).
c) No frames with GLASS (too heavy to hang).
J180 Oil painting 3.00 2.25 1.50
J181 Acrylic painting 3.00 2.25 1.50
J182 Watercolor painting 3.00 2.25 1.50
J183 Pastel or charcoal drawing 3.00 2.25 1.50
J184 Pen and ink drawing 3.00 2.25 1.50
J185 Pencil drawing 3.00 2.25 1.50
J186 Duct tape creation, including clothing. You decide what you want to create. Any combination of colored duct tape can be used; however, no use of paint or markers is allowed. Your entry must be freestanding and not taped to a base. It must be made completely of ONLY duct tape, with no other material used for support, decoration or internal framing. 3.00 2.25 1.50
J187 Ceramics. Any clay form made with clay poured into a preformed mold and set or kiln fired . May be decorated with paint or glaze (1 piece only, unless item has lid—no sets).  3.00 2.25 1.50
J188 Sculpture. Clay, metal or plaster, (not premolded) form made for appreciation of art form without specific household use. Not larger than 3 x 2” (1 piece only—no sets).  3.00 2.25 1.50
J189 Kite- Dragon, Boxed or Regular - A light frame covered in paper, plastic or cloth with a balancing tail, design the kite for flying. Size:  4 ft. X 5ft. We will be displaying the kites from the ceiling in the Youth Building. A special award will be given to the “Best in Show” for this class by the Youth Committee with a cash premium of $5.00. 3.00 2.25 1.50
J190 Any holiday decoration 3.00 2.25 1.50
J192 Science and Halloween Themed Lego Scene. Create your own spooky laboratory, haunted house with pot bubbling over on the stove, wooden glen with cauldron over roaring fire, etc. Add a mad scientist and ghouls. Make sure to add a magic potion with description of its wicked deeds. Will be judged on theme, complexity, description, and bonus points if you use a real scientist in your description and scene. Entries must be on a wooden base and no more than 24"(long) x 12"(wide) x 18"(tall). Project must be at least 80% Legos. Please include a written or typed description of your theme. 3.00 2.25 1.50
J193 Decorated pumpkin, gourd or squash. Bruised or damaged pumpkins, gourds or squash will not be accepted. Do not cut or damage specimen and that includes no piercing with pins or tacks. If your child’s entry shows signs of deterioration before or during the Fair, it will have to be removed and/or disposed of. Please inspect carefully for any damage before and after your child decorates the item.  3.00 2.25 1.50
J194 Jewelry 3.00 2.25 1.50
J195 Pottery. Hand built (slab, pinch or coil) or wheel thrown clay of any color. Finished piece has a specific household use such as bowl, plate, tile, frame, birdbath, etc. (1 piece only—no sets).  3.00 2.25 1.50
J196  Woodworking. Judged on creativity, construction and quality of finishing and refinishing the final stages of the piece. NO KITS.  3.00 2.25 1.50
J197 Scrapbooking 3.00 2.25 1.50
J198 Metalcraft. Judged on creativity construction and quality of finishing and refinishing the final stages of the piece. NO KITS.  3.00 2.25 1.50
J199 Paper mache creation or pinata. Do NOT fill. 3.00 2.25 1.50
J200 Scarecrow in memory of Karen Corley, long-time Youth Committee member. Themed after her love of colorful feather boas and hats. Add lots of sparkle and movement. A special award will be given to the “Best in Show” for this class by the Youth Committee with a cash premium of $5.00. 3.00 2.25 1.50
Drop-Off: Saturday before the Fair, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Exhibitors must have taken the photos. You may enter 1 photo per class up to 3 photos maximum per person. Photos not listed on entry form will not be accepted. Photos with any type of matte or frame will NOT be accepted.
1st 2nd 3rd
Enlargements: Must be printed on good quality photo paper sized either 7.5 x 10” or 8 x 10”.
J201 Enlargements (any subject)  1.50 1.25 1.00
J202 Arranged still life. This project takes time and planning. Exhibitor must create an artistic arrangement of objects and then photograph it.  1.50 1.25 1.00
J203 Special effects. Experiment with developing and photo technique to achieve effects. 1.50 1.25 1.00
Snapshots: Size – Snapshots are color or black and white prints on good quality photo paper sized either 3x5” or 4x6”.
J205 People 1.50 1.25 1.00
J206 Fair scenes (may be set-up, fair days, exhibits or clean-up. Need not be Durham Fair). 1.50 1.25 1.00
J208 Macro (close-up, detailed view of subject) 1.50 1.25 1.00


  • Kathy Ness
  • Patty McDermott,
    Asst. Superintendent
  • Madeline Smith
    Group Superintendent


  • Paula Bidding
  • Aggie Cahill
  • Elaine Diaz
  • Ryan Ford
  • Jennifer Fowler
  • Jan Frank
  • Sandy Goodyear
  • Robin Heath
  • Simone Howe
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Claudia Kehrhahn
  • Patti Kemish
  • Trevor Kemish
  • Brian McDermott
  • Jennie McDermott
  • Patrick McDermott
  • Raymond McDermott
  • Joan Mantle
  • Lisa Moore
  • Ken Ness
  • Donna Nordstrom
  • Melanie Remilland
  • Sue Strang