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If you are interested in applying to be a vendor at the Durham Fair please review the below details and applications:

For Durham Fair Food Vendors

The Durham Fair is committed to sustainable practices in food service. In ​our​ initiative ​beginning September 2017, The Durham Clean Energy and Sustainability Task Force asks all commercial and non-profit food vendors not to use or offer cups, plates, or clam-shell food service items made from polystyrene (also known as “Styrofoam”) at the Durham Fair.

Many places in the US and some countries have already banned this persistent, destructive material that breaks down into toxic particles and chemicals, polluting every body of water and every level of the food web. We would like our Durham Fair to join in and be part of the solution to this worldwide problem.

Please plan to use alternative food service items made from 100% paper or cardboard (with no plastic liner), or use items made from plant-based materials. These items can all go into our Durham Fair compost project—a HUGE win-win!

Here are two paper product suppliers that some Durham Fair vendors use for purchasing Durham Fair compost-friendly food service items, including “best choice” 100% plant-based products:

Please Note: the use of latex gloves is no longer allowed due to their allergenic properties. Please be advised to use nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Commercial Endorsements

The Association does not endorse any commercial product, service or enterprise. Exceptions to this rule can be authorized only by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors. Acceptance of a donation by the Association does not constitute endorsement of the donor’s product, service, philosophy or organization.

Booth Rule

No product, service, philosophy or organization can be sold, advertised or in any other way promoted on the fairgrounds during the Fair except from within space contracted for with the appropriate superintendent. Acceptance of any donation by the Association does not entitle the donor to be exempt from this rule. The Association’s Executive Committee is authorized to determine the appropriate public acknowledgment of any donation accepted.

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